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Grief Support

We are here to help

We are finding out parents are committing suicide because they have lost their child, this also has to stop.

In our lifetime, we never thought we would be in these shoes, losing a child, the unthinkable. We must find a way to overcome many different forms of grief, that just seems to continue to pile up. But as they happen we may not have always been successful at moving forward from a previous incident, thus our grief keeps pilling on top of each other until one day we hit rock bottom. The term of compounded grief is exactly that when all of your grief from over a lifetime gets comprised together and then causes us to downward spiral over one tragic event, such as death, especially losing a child to opiates.

When it comes to grieving, it is important to move through the steps of the process, we are here to help through the bad & ugly. Every single person has their own way to deal with grieving and death, but it is important to help yourself heal through these daily waves of grief. Think of a vulnerable structure, like a bridge made out of paper, as you start piling more and more onto this already damaged structure, it will give out. That vulnerable structure represents you as you deal with grief and coping skills, if you are not able to rebuild yourself, through each event, something tragic like death will cause you to completely fall apart.

When it comes to compounded grief and our coping abilities, they do not go hand in hand. They are two things that do not work well together. They are unable to coincide; you cannot heal or cope when you are trying to heal from a multitude of other events. It’s important that if you see yourself or others going through these stages but not fully healing, that you find a way to get help or help them get help. Some view getting help as a weakness, but it is your first step in helping you build a strong structure and help you in the future. 

We are here to help during this difficult journey in life, walking with you with a limp that no one can see but we sure can feel it daily. We are just a phone call away, anytime you need to talk.

Grief Support: Welcome
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