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Narcan Training

This could safe a life

If you have someone in your house who uses drugs or even if you any have opiates in your house you should have Narcan as well. It could be a matter of life or death.

We offer Narcan training on the proper way to administer this.

If you live in DuPage County we have Narcan on hand.

This can be done in a group or one on one we are here to help.

What is included in the training?

Obtain a baseline understanding of substance use and overdose.

Understand what opioids are, how they work and their HUGE impact on our community

Learn to recognize the signs and symptoms of an opioid overdose.

Learn how to administer narcan

Learn what steps to take following an overdose reversal

Everyone needs to understand The Good Samaritan Law we have in Illinois

Narcan Training: About
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